Dashboards are public by default. A public dashboard can be seen by every user in your account. Every account must have at least one public dashboard.

You can set a dashboard to be private. Private dashboards are only visible to users specifically invited to see them. 

Important: When you place a public metric on a private dashboard, the metric is still visible to all users in the directory. As a precaution, any new metrics built from a private dashboard default to private status.

To make a dashboard private:
  1. Open the dashboard you want to make private.
  2. Select Dashboard settings.
  3. Select Invite only and enter the email addresses of any other users you want to have access to this dashboard.
Note: When you select All dashboards in the left panel, a small lock will appear next to the dashboards that you have made private. Any reports that you publish from this dashboard will also only be visible to the users you invited to the dashboard.