Spreadsheets are a common way for teams to store data sets from any source. Jama Analyze for Google Sheets lets teams and team leaders import their historical data from Google Sheets so they can begin to better collaborate and visualize their metrics.

Get the add-on

To get the Google Sheets for Jama Analyze add-on, visit the Chrome Store and add the importer to your Google Sheets account.

Import your data

Once you have the add-on installed, open the spreadsheet you plan to import data from. Choose "Jama Analyze for Google Sheets" from the Add-On dropdown in the Sheet and choose "Open Jama Analyze Sidebar."

With Jama Analyze for Google Sheets, you will import one "ingredient" at a time by choosing a row or column of data and the corresponding dates. You will be able to add your ingredients to formulas you create in Jama Analyze and easily visualize the data on dashboards or reports.

With the sidebar open, select one row or one column of data to import. Choose "Set" in the sidebar when you have selected the correct data. Then, choose the corresponding row of dates and hit "Set" in the sidebar.

Next, choose "Create Ingredient" which will let you choose the name for your ingredient, and then add your data to an importing template. Check to make sure the data there is correct.

If everything looks good, make sure you've added your API Token from your Jama Analyze API page, and then click "Import Data" to create the ingredient in Jama Analyze.

Use your data

View your new ingredients in your Jama Analyze Directory and create a recipe to combine ingredients from Sheets or any other data source.