Zendesk is web-based help desk software that offers a support ticket system and self-service customer platform. Jama Analyze™ for Zendesk allows you to create a data-driven support system. Track recipes like Satisfaction Response Rate, Median First Reply Time, Current Number of Assigned Tickets, and Total Number of Reopened Tickets to get quick insights into how your customer support team is doing and how their volume influences the rest of your product roadmap.

Connecting to Zendesk

To connect with Jama Analyze, you'll need to have an existing Zendesk account and be able to access your Zendesk API key.

From the Zendesk integration page, enter your email, Zendesk subdomain, and API key.

If you are a Zendesk administrator, you’ll find your API key in the admin settings of your Zendesk account.

Please note that all integrations with Jama Analyze are Read Only. We will not post any data back to your Zendesk account, and you’ll only need to do this once.

Once integrated, Jama Analyze will start fetching your data, and you'll be able to add Zendesk Recipes to your dashboards. Data will be updated each morning.

Mash-up your data

Once you have data being reported in Jama Analyze, try using our recipe builder to mix and match data from all of your tools.

A breakdown of the Zendesk recipes

Select as many Zendesk recipes as you wish to track and add them to an existing dashboard or create a new one.

Tracking these recipes together in your Jama Analyze Customer Support dashboard will help you notice if there is any correlation between the metrics. For example, compare your satisfaction rates with low first-time replies. Discover the connections in your data and devise a strategy to respond accordingly.

Current Number of Assigned Tickets

This Recipe tracks the total number of all tickets that are assigned to your agents. Track this metric to spot spikes or valleys in your workload.Satisfaction Rating

Zendesk allows you to send satisfaction surveys to your customers after every support interaction. This recipe tracks the percentage of good ratings received on your tickets surveyed for the past six months.

Your customer satisfaction score measures how happy your customers are with the level of support your team provides. Use this score in your Zendesk dashboard as a gauge for support performance.

Note that satisfaction rating is available in Zendesk starting from Professional plan. By default, customer satisfaction rating is disabled in Zendesk. An administrator can enable it.

Satisfaction Response Rate

If your customers receive a satisfaction survey after the ticket is solved, this recipe will track the percentage of survey responses received.

If you see a trend towards decreasing response rates, it might be time to change or customize the message and the timing of your email surveys. You can do that editing the automation in your Zendesk account.

For example, you can create different templates of the email for various scenarios so your client will receive a final follow up/ feedback opportunity with content tailored to their issue. If you do make a change, monitor the performance in your Jama Analyze Zendesk dashboard.

Total Number of Reopened Tickets

This Recipe shows the total number of tickets reopened after initially being resolved. Track your support activity and workload in a single dashboard to provide better visibility into your support team’s workflow.

If this metric is higher than expected, double check your “thank you” replies that can automatically reopen tickets that are actually solved. If this issue alters your support metrics, Zendesk offers two alternative solutions:

You can clone the default "Notify assignee of reopened ticket" trigger to create a "Notify assignee of comment on Solved ticket"; slightly change the wording in the notification email; and add an action to change the ticket status back to Solved. Now if the agent doesn't reopen the ticket, it will remain solved.

Another solution would be to set a tag with a custom dropdown. For instance, you can call the dropdown "Don't Reopen" and the Yes option will set the tag "Keep closed." Then your agents can check for this tag in the reopen trigger and keep it closed even when the customer replies.

You can also set goals in this metric to reduce ticket churn and focus on increased accuracy and quality.

Average Bad Ticket Resolution Time

This is the average amount of time (in days) taken to resolve a ticket that is rated Bad.

With this metric in your support dashboard, you can track correlations between this, ticket volume, and metrics like customer satisfaction. This helps to constantly reinforce quality and productivity for your Customer Support team.

Average Ticket Resolution Time

This metric generates a chart showing the average time in days taken to resolve tickets.

Monitor this metric in your support dashboard alongside with your "Average Bad Ticket Resolution Time" to track correlations between customer satisfaction and resolution time. This will show where there are holes in your support team.

Current Number of New Tickets

This Recipe displays the daily number of tickets waiting to be assigned.

Monitoring your ticket trends can alert you to an issue with your product or service. If you see sudden spikes in the volume of support requests you are getting, you can investigate to see if there is an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed.

Median First Reply Time

The difference between an unhappy customer and a brand champion can sometimes be measured in the time it takes to respond to a support ticket. Use this Recipe to make sure your customers are being served in time to make the difference.

This Recipe tracks the median time (in days) it takes for a customer to receive an initial reply to their support request. This metric is relevant to your Zendesk dashboard because it can have a direct impact on customer satisfaction ratings.

When submitting a ticket, customers expect to receive an answer immediately or at least be notified that you’re on the case. Powerful customer relationships are a direct result of excellent First Response Time.

Median Number of Replies per Ticket

How many responses is it taking to solve a ticket? Keep an eye on this key metric to make sure that your team is being efficient.

This Recipe shows the median number of replies of all your daily tickets before the issue is closed.

Median Reply Time

This recipe tracks the median time (in days) it takes to reply to a ticket. It will display the median response time for all tickets, not just the time your team takes to respond after tickets are first opened. This exposes how long customers are waiting for a response to all your queries.

Median Resolution Time

A quick response and a reasonable resolution will keep just about every customer happy. Use this Recipe to monitor the average time it takes to resolve an issue. This metric displays the median time (in days) it takes for a ticket to be resolved, giving you an overview of how long on average it takes you to solve new tickets.

Open Tickets

What’s going on today? These recipes give you an updated look at the quantity and priority of open tickets in your Zendesk account.

  • Open Tickets (High): The current number of open tickets marked High priority.
  • Open Tickets (Low): The current number of open tickets marked Low priority.
  • Open Tickets (Normal): The current number of open tickets marked Normal.
  • Open Tickets (Urgent): The current number of open tickets marked Urgent.

Percentage Surveyed

This Recipe shows the percentage of tickets that were surveyed out of all the resolved tickets in Zendesk.

Reassignments Per Ticket

See how well your routing process is working by tracking the average number of times tickets get reassigned to multiple agents. If you spot spikes in this chart, you may want to review the routing process and make sure that you’re not sending tickets to an entry level that are too difficult, or sending feature requests to your technical support agents instead of your product team.

Tickets Created

This Recipe shows you the volume of support tickets that your team is managing. It's a rolling total of the number of tickets created in Zendesk.

It's essential to keep track of the number of your incoming tickets versus the number of solved tickets. Tracking both Recipes together in your Jama Analyze Dashboard will allow you to spot spikes or valleys in your workload.

Tickets Needing Attention

Monitor the average number of tickets marked High and Urgent compared to all Open tickets. It’s a quick view that can be easily assimilated at a glance.

Total Number of Resolved Tickets

This Recipe shows the total daily number of tickets marked as resolved. Compare this metric with your Tickets Created recipe to show if your support staff is capable of handling the volume. Tracking both Recipes in your Jama Analyze dashboard will help you understand the capacity and efficiency of your support process.