Team polls are metrics in Jama Analyze that let you capture team sentiment over time with simple surveys.

When creating a team poll, you'll want to give it an easily identifiable name. Names do not have to be unique, so be sure to give it a clear name so members of your team know what you are tracking. Also, the name of the poll can be different than the question the poll is asking.

For additional clarification, you can include a description which will appear on the poll's detail page.

You can send a poll to your development team to get an idea of how confident they are that value was delivered this sprint.

Team poll options

Team polls operate by answering a question on a scale of 1 to 10. You have full customization over the question and the labels used to set the scale.

As you enter your question and labels, you will see a preview of the poll in the form. You can always edit the question and labels later.

Assigning team members to report

Once you enter your question and labels, you will then select the members of your team you wish to report on your poll.

You will see all existing team members listed with a checkbox next to their name. You can also enter in email addresses for team members who do not yet have a Jama Analyze account. They will still receive reminders to report and will be able to create an account at that time.

To set how frequent team members should report on the poll, you will then set the display options.