You can see data collected from a single integrated data source in a simple metric. You can use simple metrics to build combined metrics in Jama Analyze.

When a data source is added, anyone with permission can use that metric to build other metrics, or add it to a dashboard, as long as that metric is public.

To build a combined metric:
  1. Select New metric > Create a recipe.
  2. Fill out the form with a name and description for your new combined metric.
  3. Under Ingredient Details, start typing the name of the metric you want to include. You will see a list of all existing public metrics. Select the metric you want.
  4. Choose your display options.
  5. Set your metric's visibility.
  6. Select Submit.
Different metrics may be set to update at different times. If the metrics you used to make a combined metric have different update schedules, the most recent values will be used to calculate the formula.