This feature is only available to Authors.

Recipes are custom metrics in Jama Analyze that you use to track and share your data.

When creating a recipe, you'll first want to give it an easily identifiable name. Please note that recipe names do not have to be unique, so be sure to give your recipe a clear name so members of your team know what you are tracking.

For additional clarification, you can include a description.

Our recipe builder allows you to customize your metric formula using a simple point-and-click interface.

Let's use an example metric to to walk through the setup process. Defect Removal Efficiency is defined as the percentage of bugs found and corrected internally compared to the bugs found in production. It is equated as Defects Found in Development divided by the sum of Defects Found in Production plus Defects Found in Development. Or A / (B + A)

Each number in the equation is an ingredient in Jama Analyze. So for this example, we want to create two ingredients.

By clicking the gray box with a plus sign next to the first ingredient A in the builder will add a new ingredient. Clicking the box below the A will add an ingredient to the denominator. Now we have A / B.

Next, click the plus sign next to B and it will add another ingredient, giving us A / B + C.

Click on C and you'll see that you can change C to be one of the other existing ingredients, in this case you would select A. This means that A will only have to be reported on once, but the value will be used twice in this recipe.

You can give your ingredients names from this same pop-out or you can enter them in below the equation builder in the Ingredient Details section.

Additional tips:

  • Click the red square between two ingredients to change the operator format (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
  • You can also use parenthesis to define the order of operations by clicking the red squares
  • Ingredients can be set as a constant value, rather than an ingredient that is updated on a frequency. From the pop-out menu of an ingredient, select the "Set a fixed number" option and enter in your numeric value

Once your equation is defined, you'll want to assign reporters for each new ingredient.