Welcome to Jama Analyze 101—a series of guides to help you get started with Jama Analyze.

Jama Analyze is different than any dashboarding tool you've used in the past. We bring together data from your tools and your team, creating a single source of truth for your team to collaborate and communicate around the data that matters most. Stop worrying about vanity metrics on big screen displays, and bring your data to the hands of your team to uncover actionable insights.


No coding. No IT.

Set up dashboards, invite your team, and share reports within hours—not months—thanks to our simple integration platform and team-sourced metrics.

  • Integrating your tools with Jama Analzye — See what tools Notion integrates with and free your siloed data.
  • Team-sourced metrics — Unlock the little data that your team is already tracking.
  • Importing historical data — If you are looking to move a lot of data into Jama Analyze fast, try our API or Google Sheets add-on.


Simple data collection. Instant visualization.

Everyone on your team will have the data they need, when they need it. Collect and display custom metrics and team polls with beautiful team and private dashboards.

  • Make your first dashboard — Share your metrics with public or invite-only dashboards.
  • Organize your metrics — Learn how to style your dashboard to match your needs.


Capture the story behind your data.

With multiple ways to collaborate on your data, you’ll add meaningful context to the numbers. One-click reporting and our Slack integration brings data to any conversation.

  • Invite your team to Jama Analyze — Talking about data is more fun when you have people to talk about it with!
  • Publish a report from your dashboard — Share content from your dashboard with external stakeholders.
  • Connect with Slack — Bring the conversation to where your team is already talking.