Ingredients are individual components that can be used to build more complex metrics in Jama Analyze through our recipe builder. Ingredients can be reported on by members of your team, directly through one of our integrations, or through our API.

Assigning ingredients to team members

When setting up your recipe, any new ingredient you wish to track will need to bits of information: a name and a reporter.

Names do not have to be unique, but we recommend making sure your ingredient is easily identifiable to other members of the team, as it will be listed in the Directory unless you make it unlisted.

To assign a reporter, simply enter in the email address of your team member that you wish to report. If you are assigning the ingredient to an email address that does not have a Jama Analyze account, they will be able to create one when they receive their first email reminder to report.

If an email address is associated with a member of another Jama Analyze account, they will not be able to report on data for your account.

Sharing ingredients across recipes

Once an ingredient is being tracked in Jama Analyze, anyone on your team can use that ingredient in their own new recipes, assuming that the ingredient is not unlisted. This allows you to quickly setup new recipes without duplicating your efforts or data.

To assign an existing ingredient, simply start typing the name of the ingredient in the input. You'll see a list of all existing listed ingredients. Select the one you want and the reporter will already be assigned for you.

Note: if you are using ingredients with a different reporting schedule than the display settings of your new recipe, we will use the most recent previously reported value for your ingredient in the calculation of your formula.

Using a recipe as an ingredient

In addition to sharing ingredients across recipes, you can also use a recipe as an ingredient. This allows you to roll calculations up into more metrics with ease.

Assigning a recipe as an ingredient works the same way as a shared ingredient. Simply start typing the name of the recipe in the ingredient name field and you will see your recipe listed to select.

Please note, not all recipe types from our integrations our currently supported to be used as an ingredient yet. If you don't see the recipe you are looking for and believe that you should, please let us know.