By default, every metric in Jama Analyze will be listed in the directory. These metrics are available for all team members to see and can be used by others.

When a metric is private, however, then only the creator of that metric will see it in the directory (in the Unlisted tab) and only they will be able to edit the metric settings, add it to a dashboard, or use it in additional metrics.

A few additional things to note regarding private metrics:

  • If a private metric appears on a dashboard, then anyone with access to that dashboard will be able to see it.
  • When building a combined metric, any new metrics created at the same time will inherit the public or private status from that metric.

Public and private dashboards

Dashboards in Jama Analyze are public by default and every account must have one public dashboard, known as the team dashboard. However, it is possible to set a dashboard to be invite-only, meaning only members who are specifically invited to the dashboard will be able to see the dashboard.

Please note, a metric appearing on an invite-only dashboard does not have any affect on the listed or unlisted status of the metric. This means that is is possible for a metric to appear only on an invite-only dashboard, but if the visibility is set to listed, then everyone on your team will still see it in the directory.

If you create a new metric from an invite-only dashboard, we default the visibility to unlisted to prevent accidental exposure.