Any user that has access to a dashboard, can customize their dashboard rearranging the recipe cards and changing the visualization. These settings are controlled on an individual basis, so you can make changes without affecting other users.

Reorder metrics

On any dashboard, you'll find a small indicator in the bottom right corner of every metric.

Grab this corner with your mouse, and drag your card to its new position. All the other cards will automatically rearrange in your dashboard.

The order is unique to each user. This means everyone can customize their dashboard how they see fit.

Change a metric's chart type

You can toggle between different chart types from the menu in the upper right corner of each recipe card on your dashboard.

You can modify the chart type of any recipe in your dashboard, metric, or poll, choosing between a bar chart, stacked column chart, a line or multiline graph, or a single number display.

Changing the visualization of a chart through this interface is unique to each team member and does not change the default chart type. To change the default chart type of a metric, you must edit the metric.

Change the size of a metric 

By default, a dashboard will display three recipes in a row. However, you can customize the size of a recipe card allowing for fewer cards or more per row.

To change the size of a metric, click on the grid icon in the top right corner of a metric. From the dropdown, select your preferred size. The dashboard will automatically update based on your selection. It is worth noting that larger metrics will show more intervals.