If you are assigned to update an ingredient in Jama Analyze, you can report the data in a couple of ways.

If you're the team member assigned to update the ingredient, you'll receive an email on the day the report is due.

  • Reminder emails include links to each ingredient the team member should update that day.
  • With the links in the email, you can report on ingredients without logging in.

If you are logged in, view an ingredient detail in the directory and use the provided table to update your ingredients.


Updating multiple ingredients

If you have a number of ingredients to report, select "Report on Ingredients" from your account dropdown in the top right in the dashboard or Directory views in Jama Analyze.

On the reporting screen, you'll see a list of your assigned ingredients on the right. Select "Click here for bulk reporting".


If you have historical data you'd like to enter, please use our Google Sheets Importer.

Reporting as an admin

If you have admin privileges in Jama Analyze, you can choose "View All" in the right menu and report on any listed manual ingredient across your entire team.

Return to your dashboard

To return to a dashboard or your Directory, navigate from the "Your Dashboards" dropdown in the top right of your screen.