An ingredient is how we refer to the smallest increment of data in Jama Analyze. Sometimes this ingredient may be the only number you are looking for. Other times, it's a smaller piece of a larger equation.

Ingredients are similar to data in a row or column of a spreadsheet, and align with regular reporting dates that can be updated daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Ingredients are visualized in charts in Jama Analyze and can be added to dashboards. You can also combine or compare ingredients by creating a recipe. After you make a recipe, it can also be used as an ingredient.

Ingredients can be updated by a team member by assigning them to report the data, or they can be automatically updated from an integration.

Our integrations pull data from your tools nightly, and you can choose to see the metric daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly when you add it to a recipe.

Creating an ingredient

This feature is only available to Authors.

Ingredients can be created in a few ways:

  • by creating a team-sourced recipe
  • by connecting a data connector and then using the associated ingredient templates
  • by importing data from our Google Sheets add-on
  • and by creating an ingredient from scratch

To create an ingredient from scratch, click the New Metric button from the navigation bar when on the Directory or any dashboard.

Select Create an Ingredient from the dropdown.

First, you will need to give your ingredient a name and assign it to a member of your team (or yourself). An email will be sent to the assigned reporter, reminding them when it is time to report a new value.

Next, you can then set the chart display and reporting options.

The display period you assign during the creation of the ingredient will be the frequency in which the chart updates and when the reporter will receive notifications that a report is due.

As an example, if you want a number to be reported bi-weekly, every Friday, your settings would look like this:

In the event you want to include Friday in the reporting period and have the reminders to report go out the next day (Saturday, in this case), you would change the final settings to say "the day after the period ends."