No matter your role—team member, team lead, department head or CEO—you’re accountable to certain stakeholders that want to stay apprised of your team’s performance. Because you need to stay focused on the work your team is doing, you want to keep them informed, but out of your way.

Jama Analyze helps you tell the story behind your data in a format that is easily accessible and understood, without cluttering the conversation with unnecessary detail.


Building reports that bring together metrics and insights is a common task for any manager. And unfortunately, that task is usually a last minute, painstaking, and cumbersome process. Just think—how many hours have you lost building reports?

Jama Analyze aims to simplify this for you with our one-click report building. Now you can instantly turn any dashboard into a a shareable report, complete with comments and historical data, saving you time and energy in the process.

To get started, visit any dashboard with metric that have been reported on. (Since a report can not be empty, if your dashboard only contains templates and empty metrics, you will not be able to build a report.)

Under the name of the dashboard, press the Build Report button.

You will be taken to a report form that includes the show view of each metric from your dashboard.

Give your report a name.

If you wish to exclude any metric from the report, toggle the green switch next to the desired metric.

Under each metric, you can include a comment to help add additional context.

Before publishing, select how you would like to share your report and then hit the Publish button.

It is possible to set up a recurring schedule for your reports to be automatically created. You can learn about that here.

Shared Dashboards

Another quick way to share your insights with a wider audience than your team is with public dashboards.

To create a public dashboard, visit the settings page for any of your dashboards. Here, you will see a section to turn public access on. (All dashboards are off by default.)

Once enabled, you will then see an access code. This code is required to view the public dashboard, adding an extra layer of security.

Copy the shareable link and access code and share them with any of your external stakeholders.

At any point, you can reset the access code, which will prevent anyone with the old access code from viewing the dashboard again.

When viewing a public dashboard, viewers can see all of the metrics on the board, however they can not click through to see individual detail pages. They also can not change chart types, sizes, or order. It is simply a live, view-only presentation of your dashboard -- great for displaying on TVs.


Jama Analyze even has you covered in the boardroom and can save you from having to put together a Powerpoint presentation.

At your next meeting, pull up your Jama Analyze dashboard and click Start Slideshow.

Your dashboard will transform into a set of slides, one for each metric on your dashboard.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move between slides, or hit the Play button (found in the menu in the top right corner) to have the slides automatically advance.

From the menu, you can also enter Fullscreen mode.