It’s rare these days to find a department or team that can operate successfully without the support, communication, and collaboration of its colleagues.

  • Teams struggle to find an easy and engaging method for sharing and collaborating on important data.
  • We regularly need someone else’s data to give us insight into our team’s performance, but getting access to that information can be challenging when it lives inside a tool that another department owns.
  • And sometimes we need their resources to make our own work more effective, but persuading another team to make changes in order to help yours is easier said than done.

Teams use Jama Analyze to collect, share, and discuss the data that matters most to them and to their colleagues.

  • When you need data from another team, you can assign ownership of reporting on that specific metric. Your colleague will get an automated reminder when it’s time to update the numbers, making it easy to get you the information you need to do your job. Try assigning a team-sourced metric to a colleague.
  • Want to get feedback from a colleague on your team’s performance? Build a report with a single click from your dashboard. Select the recipes you want included, add comments to give important contextual information, and hit submit. Your report will populate as a URL that you can share with anyone at anytime. Plus, they’ll be archived, so you can easily reference them later. Build a report to share with another team now.
  • Need to back up an argument or prove the merit of your strategy with your team data? Present your dashboard as a slideshow during your next company meeting. Just click the Start Slideshow button above your dashboard and scroll through the metrics as you explain how to put insights into action.

Whether you’re collecting, sharing, or collaborating on the data, Jama Analyze makes it easy to work with other teams to drive team performance and company success.