We all know teams that use data well are more effective at producing desired outcomes, but many leaders struggle to cultivate a data-driven culture. Management might spend a small fortune on complicated BI software that no one ever logs into. Analysts might build a myriad of complex reports that no one reads. Colleagues might create comprehensive metric tracking spreadsheets that no one updates.

Jama Analyze gets the entire team engaged with key performance data by creating a single hub for all your team’s data and encouraging collaboration on the metrics that matter most to your team’s performance.

Here are a few ways that you can use Jama Analyze get the whole team involved in collecting, sharing, and discussing team performance data.

  • Invite your team to Jama Analyze. Give them full access to your team dashboards, so they can create their own recipes and dashboards to track what matters most to them. They can also comment on individual recipes, publish reports, and better understand how their work is contributing to team goals.
  • Connect Jama Analyze to Slack! This allows you to use slash commands in any slack channel to pull in relevant Jama Analyze recipes. Team leaders love the ability to use existing modes of communication to spark conversation and debate about what the data means and how to put the insights into action.
  • Assign a metric to each team member. You can do this by creating a team sourced ingredient or recipe in Jama Analyze and assign metric reporting to a specific team member. When a team member is charged with regularly finding and reporting critical team data, they pay attention to how the numbers change and what’s impacting performance.

No matter which method you choose (we recommend all of them!), getting your team involved in the creation, reporting, and discussion around valuable team metrics helps everyone get engaged on what the data means, and how to use it.