How team members work in Jama Analyze

Subscription plans are designed around buckets of active team members. A team member is counted towards your quota if they are an active confirmed user or they have been invited to report on data in your account.

You can deactivate team members and invited reporters from the Members page. These members will not count towards your quota, but can be re-added at a later time.

Please note, regardless of your current subscription plan, you may invite as many team members into Jama Analyze at any time. If you invite more members than your subscription allows, you will have 30 days to reconcile your team member count. (You will receive in-app and email notifications when this happens.) After 30 days, we will upgrade you to the appropriate subscription plan based on your number of members.

How do I add new team members to Jama Analyze?

If you are the account creator, you are, by default, an Editor. This means that, in addition to creating metrics and dashboards, you have the ability to invite additional team members into Jama Analyze.

All team members invited into Jama Analyze will join as a Collaborator by default. (For a full break down of Editor vs Collaborator capabilities, please read this page.)

There are three ways to give your team members access to Jama Analyze.

1. Invite them directly from the Team Members page

From the left sidebar in your dashboard, you can access your “Members” page and add people directly by entering their email addresses.

2. Share the team signup URL

On the same page, you'll find a unique URL that you can share with your team. All they have to do is follow the link, complete the account setup, and they'll have access your Jama Analyze dashboards.

3. Assign an ingredient to report

Set up a recipe (metric or poll) and invite reporters for each ingredient (learn more about creating a recipe). When you assign an ingredient, your team member can opt to create a Jama Analyze account or to report without confirming their account.

Please note, that unconfirmed team members still count towards the total number of active members on your subscription. You can manage your active and inactive members from the Members page.