Dashboards are a great way to get quick comparisons and at-a-glance views of related metrics, but for additional insights, you'll want to click through on any metric card to see the detail page.

Data Set Insights

From the detail page, you'll notice a set of additional insights related to the data set of your metric. From this sidebar, you can toggle on additional visualization layers or get a better understanding of the data you are looking at. Here's a quick breakdown.

  • Quartiles -- toggle this on to see equal distribution of your data across four groups
  • Rolling Average -- can be toggled on to see the average of your data, which is calculated by averaging previous three intervals
  • Mean & Standard Deviation -- toggle this on to see the variation of your data set
  • Sum -- can be toggled on to visualize the running total of your data in sequence
  • Volatility -- a measurement of the consistency of your data
  • Min -- shows the lowest number in the selected data set
  • Max -- shows the highest number in the selected data set
  • Count -- shows the total number of intervals in the selected set

Quick Insights

The Quick Insights section directly under the main chart and activity feed offers quick comparisons to the current state of your metric against previous moments in time. Based on the reporting frequency of your metric, these quick insights will change ranges as well.

For example, a monthly metric will show comparisons against the last one, three, six, and twelve months.