Connecting to Trello

To connect Trello with Jama Analyze™, you'll need to have an existing Trello account. From the Jama Analyze Integrations page select Trello. Next, hit the Connect Trello button.

You'll be redirected to Trello to authenticate with your account.

Creating Metrics

Our Trello integration helps you visualize your team's work across your boards and lists, tracking trends over time.

We have templates for tracking:

  • number of cards in a list
  • number of cards in a list assigned to a team member
  • number of cards on a board assigned to a team member
  • number of past due cards on a board

With these templates, you can create metrics to track throughput, work in progress, iteration flows, and more.

To create a metric, select a metric template from the list on the left side panel. You can name the metric whatever you wish and customize which board, list, and team member you wish to track, based on the template. Finally, select which dashboard you would like the metric to appear on.

Imports will run each night, giving you trending data over time.

Mash-up your data

Once you have data flowing to Jama Analyze, try using our recipe builder to mix and match data from all of your tools.