In each dashboard, you'll find your "Dashboard Settings" menu next to the account name in the top navigation bar.

This menu will allow you to:

  • Change your dashboard’s name
  • Change access settings: In the access settings of your dashboard, you can choose “Full Access” to make that dashboard available for all your team members, or “Invite Only” to show it only to the team members that you invite. If you are a dashboard owner, you and any admins will be the only one who can delete it.

For invite-only dashboards, you can grant access to any confirmed team member belonging to your Jama Analyze account. You can add new team members on the Members page.

If you make a dashboard “Invite Only,” all existing reports based on that dashboard will inherit the privacy settings of the parent dashboard. Existing reports won’t appear in the report index to users that don’t have access to the dashboard.

By default, a dashboard is set to "Full Access".

Delete a dashboard

The team member that created a dashboard as well as any users with admin access can delete it.

Deleting a dashboard won't delete any recipes that appear on it. Any recipe that also belongs to another dashboard will remain on that dashboard. Any orphaned recipes will be placed onto the Team Dashboard.

Deleting a dashboard won’t delete any reports previously created. If a user had access to the dashboard, they will still have access to all the reports created from that dashboard.

Please note, the Team Dashboard can not be deleted.