This feature is only available to Authors.

If you click on "All Dashboards" in the sidebar, you will see a detailed view of your existing dashboards.

In this view you'll be able to:

Create a new dashboard. To create a new dashboard, hit the “Create a New Dashboard” button at the bottom of the page.

Select a purpose for your dashboard from the dropdown and we'll populate your board with a few recommended metrics. (These can be removed from the board using the standard drag and drop behavior of all metric cards on a dashboard.)

Name your new dashboard and click "Create."

See all the dashboards you have access to. This includes dashboard name, team, and the number of Recipes included.

Edit your Team Dashboard. When your account is first created, the initial dashboard is identified as the Team Dashboard. All members of your team have access this dashboard.

If you prefer to name it something other than your company name, you can change it from the individual dashboard settings.

Account admins can designate a new Team Dashboard from the All Dashboards page. Invite-only dashboards can not be set as the Team Dashboard and won’t show in the drop-down list.

Remove a metric from your dashboard. Grab the dotted icon in the bottom right corner of a metric and drag it to the bottom of the screen where it says "Remove from Dashboard." This will not delete the metric. You can still see it in the directory or on any other dashboards where it was placed.