You can use Jama Connect filters to track the trend of items that meet certain criteria, such as requirements with a "status" of "done".

Before you build an item count metric, you must have created the filter you want to use in Jama Connect and imported your data into Jama Analyze.

  1. Select Jama Connect from the menu bar on the left, then select Item count.
    Item count metric
  2. In the form that opens, fill in the following fields and select Submit.

    Choose a unique name for this metric.

    Use this field to explain what the Jama Connect filter is designed to pick up, and what trend this metric will show.

    Select a Jama Connect filter 
    Select the Jama Connect filter you want to use. Note: Only filters that are marked "Current project" and "Public" in Jama Connect will be available in the drop-down menu. Filters marked for "All projects" or a specific project cannot be used here.

    Select the Jama Connect project(s) where you would like to apply this filter
    Choose one or more projects where you want to apply the filter.

    Metric type
    If you selected more than one project you will be asked to indicate a metric type. Select Formula if you want to build an equation based metric, or select Comparison if you want to compare two metrics.

    Choose how often you want to calculate this metric.

    Start date
    Enter the date you want this metric to begin calculating.

    Where would you like to see this metric?
    Indicate where you want this metric to appear, either on an existing or a new dashboard, or in the directory.
  3. Once you complete the form and select Submit, you will be taken to the location of the new metric (either a dashboard or the directory, depending on what you indicated).