1. Select Integrations in the left panel, then select Jira. 
  2. Select Custom JQL Query from the list of options.  
  3. Select Upload Bulk JQLs.
  4. On the next screen, select Upload CSV, then select the CSV file that contains the JQL queries you want to upload.
    If you are not sure how to structure your CSV file, select the link to download a template. This template shows what fields should be included.The following information must be contained in the CSV file:
    • type: For this upload, always enter "jql".
    • name: Enter a name for the combined metric that pulls this data from Jira. This name will appear in the directory and on dashboards in Jama Analyze. 
    • dashboard id (optional): If you would like this metric to appear on a dashboard, enter the ID number of the dashboard(s) where you want it to appear. Separate multiple dashboards with a comma.
      To find the dashboard ID, open the dashboard you want to use, and copy the digits at the end of the URL. If you would prefer to only see this metric in the directory and nowhere else, leave this section blank.   
    • frequency: Choose how often you want to collect data. You can enter "daily", "weekly", "biweekly", "triweekly", "monthly", "quarterly" or "yearly".
    • expression: Enter the JQL expression that will retrieve the data you want. If there are errors with this expression, or if the JQL is invalid, you will receive an error message when you upload the file.  
    • sum type: Enter "count" if you want to display the number of issues that result from the JQL expression. Enter "points" if you want to display the sum of points assigned to each of the issues that result from the JQL expression. 
    • start date: Enter the date you want the JQL metrics to start collecting data, using the yyyy-mm-dd format.
  5. Once the file is uploaded, Jama Analyze will check for errors before creating the metrics. You will have a chance to review what will be created before the metrics are added. If there are errors, correct them and upload a new CSV file. No permanent changes will be made until you confirm you want the new JQL metrics to be created.

Tip: Check that the date format is correct. Date errors may occur if you use software, such as Excel, that automatically reformats dates. Also, check that the JQL is valid in Jira.